The Paperology Book is an experiment in documentation for the Paperology Reading and Activity Group – it takes the form of an art-style book that invites participation in many forms: a piece of writing, a collage, a drawing, a paper specimen, an annotated reading, etc.

Rebecca Rouse has crafted the wonderful initial form of this object. It will be departing Sweden in January 2021 with a final destination of Montreal, Canada, & with scheduled stops in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, & the United States.

The Paperology RAG is hosted by Juliette De Maeyer, Aleksandra Kaminska, Alysse Kushinski, and Ghislain Thibault in the Artefact Lab and Atelier -30- in the Department of Communication at the Université de Montréal.

More info: see our Reading and Activities program and our Twitter feed.